Jeffrey Liu

Jeffrey Liu is a student at Laguardia Community College. He has worked with a variety of media from watercolor paints to 3D modeling. He is currently focusing on making 3D models and creating games on Unreal Engine 4. Jeffrey Liu was born on March 16,1996 in Manhattan, New York. He had become an avid videogame player at the early age of 4, due to the influence of his older sisters. He would later wonder about what he wanted out of his career but knew one thing, that he wanted it to be something related to videogames. It was not until his last year of middle school that he realized he wanted to make video games as a career.

He started painting in his freshman year of highschool in 2010 and would later on exhibit his works at a local art gallery along with his classmates in his junior and senior year. His inspirations for his works all come from videogames and he often depicts the games' impact on him and what he believes the message of the game is. Although contrary to popular belief he believes that videogames are not as pointless as they are believed to be as they can be a better alternative to reading in certain cases due to their ability to immerse the player into the world of the game.